Hey! My name’s Ali short for Alison. My mom’s a bit religious so she wanted my second name (Ruth) lifted from the Bible. Last name’s Gacho (gat-chow, sounds like macho and nacho). I turn a year older every 4th of December since 1995. I’m female (shocking!). A little bit above 5’3 (sobs) and my shoe size is 8 and a half (sometimes 9.. yes I’m a giant (for a 5’3 human). I like pretty flats tho or plain sneakers and I like heels *wink*). I have wide eyes and a big nose + braces (which is probably the only inheritance I get from my ancestors)

In other news I wear a long sleeved, knee length, all white uniform! Yay me! I’m glad I picked a school that’s not aware of global warming and¬†probably about Philippines being near the equator.

11198410_10204161058612450_1479457150_n (1)11180131_10204161058452446_1271978624_n

It took me awhile to know what I really want to do, and I’ve hit some wrong turns just to get where I am now. So finally I can say that I am on the right path, and that being a BS Psychology Major. (Still having second thoughts about med school though, but I’ll get there….Baby steps.)

Well since the ice is broken, the last thing I want to add is this is not a blog of a professional writer.   This is like an outlet of a girl whose thoughts are scrambled up in her head and wants to put them somewhere else.


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