What’s your favorite series?

I’m in love with series that are either historic in some sort or real life experiences (not reality tv shows).

Oh or something that’s really mind-fucking(ly amazing)!

What I’m in to right now, or what I really devote my time to are :

1. Grimm


It’s not an ordinary series that’s easy to love. You should probably have interest in folklore or myths to be hooked up in this show, because some episodes get a little crazy.

I think Grimm had me at the first season, when they showed the morbid side of children’s stories. I’d like to believe it was the original, but I can’t confirm that. They probably got the idea from the brother’s grimm stories, but again I can’t confirm that because I didn’t really do much research.

Anyway, so throughout the season they’ve been showing different sides of fairy tales, myths, etc. and I loved it because it shows how different cultures are through it’s superstitions, folklore, myths, ancestral beliefs, and whatever else.


2. How to get away with murder


To be honest I only went with the bandwagon. I was so curious of what people are talking about, and when I got the chance to watch it, it was like I was drugged or hypnotized or whatever. I was too caught up with the show, that I didn’t even realize that it was already morning. It had that effect in you wherein you wanted to know what’s next or else it’s going to kill you. Literally! MIND FUCKINGLY AMAZING! I LOVE YOU SHONDA RHIMES AND I SORT OF HATE YOU AS WELL, IN A GOOD WAY, FOR MAKING MY HEAD HURT SO MUCH.

3. Reign

This show is mostly for the teen audience, but I can’t speak for the others since my mom also loves it.

It’s about Mary and her reign as Queen of Scotland and France, and the events that lead to war between their greatest hater Elizabeth, Queen of England. With the possibility of ending her life and her country’s, she also struggles to keep her marriage with Francis and may be close to losing her mind because of her never ending troubles that make her do things she doesn’t want to but need to, all for their duty to the crown.

but besides the historical feature and all that, I fell in love with it because:

(1) Mary is fucking beautiful and adorable and beautiful?!?! (i already said that) and of course her friends are as well with their amazing wardrobe and set.


(2) The boys are TO DIE FOR!!!?!?!?


Can I have your babies?? or at least one of you… but both would be better *cries because too gorgeous*



I’m just going to keep crying and pray I’ll have a toby regbo sort of husband or at least boyfriend!!


Here are the other series that kept me up late as well, and would always always always go back to, anytime I can.

4. Sex and the City


(yes there was a series before the movie)

Typical 90’s series wherein it’s about this group of people in the real world trying to survive new york, etc.

But what I really loved about this is it’s so true to life. Plus I loved how they showed the feminine side of the world. How women live, how they cope up with real life shit (ie: jobs, clothes, shoes, guys, sex, guys, sex, guys, sex, love, etc)


5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S


All I really need to say about this show is that it’s fucking perfect, and if you don’t love it you’re crazy, and if you haven’t watched it you’re missing half of your life.

And if you’re just wondering if I hate himym because I’m such a huge friends fan, I don’t. Yeah, himym is funny and cool too, but it will never be as great as friends. Friends is a classic, himym is just a good show. (not hatin just expressing my opinion, sorry if I hurt any fans’ feelings.. peez awt)

6. Gossip Girl


I honestly don’t know why I’m so in love with a show about a girl gossiping. Probably it’s the teenage hormones and whatever, or maybe it’s the perfect cast, or super intriguing story, or the beyond beautiful outfits, or the insane drama, or the high school dream to have such a cool life and be filthy rich, but whatever it was pretty cool and addicting.

If you’re 13 yrs. old and below, this show’s probably not for you because it may show things you’re not suppose to be aware of yet.

7. Skins (UK)


This probably isn’t best for adults, because all you guys are going to say is “that show is a shitload of bad influence”. Well it is. But it’s still a great show!

It’s full of drugs, parties, alcohol, sex, love, teenage drama, etc. That’s the great part, you can relate to it.

This show is about messed up kids who find another way to cope up with their shitty lives (re: drugs). Though I am not enforcing teenagers to do drugs, it just shows that kids like these have a lot of things going on and they need help, not the kind where you leave them in wards, but the kind where you just have to hear them out. You know why messed up kids hate psychiatrists? Because everybody knows those who go there are “mental”, and that’s the last thing they want to be. All they want to have is a person who understands them and will always be there when everything comes crashing down. We’re all kids at heart, and at the end of the day we all just want to be loved.

Me majoring in psych makes this show really interesting, ’cause it makes me aware of why teenagers go out of control. It always roots down to childhood and the events that lead them to where they are now. It’s either abusive, divorced, or cheating parents while they were growing up and that ruins their thoughts about the future. Then that leads to them screwing everything up before anyone screws them up and the pattern goes on and on and on until they find someone who could save them or some people who can make the ride worthwhile. It’s a defense mechanism, rebellion is always a defense mechanism. It’s not necessarily bad to lose control for a couple of hours as long as you don’t lose yourself completely.

Plus they’re all british, like man those accents can just sweep me off my feet. *drools*


I also love other shows like: 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, CSI, etc.


What’s the deal with your tagline?


It’s from a book I read (re: Summer Reading List). It’s actually only a part of a wonderfully written letter, here’s the whole thing:

Most parents, when asked why they want to have children, say that they want to raise a child to be happy. To be healthy. To be wanted. To be loved. That is not why I had you. I want more for you than that. I want you to topple dictatorships. To end world hunger. To save the whales. To make sure that your great-grandchildren will know what gorillas look like, not because they have seen them behind a moat, playing with dog toys in a zoo, but because they have tracked them in the mountains of Uganda with sweat bees in their eyes and leeches in their socks. You will see children with bellies fat with worms instead of food. You will sit down to meals, only to find that endangered animals are on the menu. Happiness will elude you, and there will be no rest—you will have to fight every day because there is so much injustice and horror to fight against. 

But if you don’t fight, you will grow lazy and discontent under the guise of wanting peace. You will acquire money to acquire toys, but the biggest ones will never be big enough. You will fill your mind with trash because the truth is too ugly to look at. And maybe, if you were another child, someone else’s child, maybe that would be all right. But you aren’t. You are mine. You are strong enough and smart enough and you are destined for greatness. You can change the world. So I leave you with these words: Do not find peace. Find passion. Find something you want to die for more than something you want to live for. If it is your children, then fight not just for your own but for orphans who have no one else. If it is for medicine, then do not just seek out a cure for cancer but search for a cure for AIDS as well. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Speak for them. Scream for them. Live and die for them. Your life will not always be a happy one, but it will have meaning. 

I love you. I believe in you. More than you will ever, ever know.

Excerpt From: Hodkin, Michelle. “The Retribution of Mara Dyer.” Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014-11-04T05:00:00+00:00. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

Isn’t it beautiful? UGH I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK, WITH THIS LETTER, AND WITH THAT AMAZING PHRASE. I love it so much I had it tattooed:


lol I’m kidding, but I might though if I only had the guts.

Btw the photo’s owned by: Valentina