“We lay there in the silence of the night,
And the world just below our feet,
Counting stars and enjoying the midnight breeze.

Not thinking about the past,
Not worrying about the future,
Just lying down, in peace, consuming all the time we can grasp.

I faced you slowly,
As I whispered, thank you.
For what? You asked in confusion.
For this, a memory, a feeling,
A closeness that isn’t merely physical,
A sensation that can only come from the euphoric of feelings

You pulled me to your side,
Hugged me in content,
I lay my head on your chest,
And fell asleep to the sound of your heartbeat. ”

** We had a task in one of our subjects, as a sort of extra credit, to make a poem. Anything under the sun, no restrictions, as long as it’s presented infront of the class.

It’s hard to write poetry if you don’t have anything to say or you’re not inspired, so what I did was look for a qoute that affected me in a way that I could write a poem about it, and of course I did find one, it was from David Levithan’s Every Day.

Does she realize that right now she’s lit by the warm orange spreading from the horizon, as not-quite-day becomes not-quite-night? I lean over and become that shadow. I kiss her once, then we drift into each other, close our eyes, drift into sleep. And as we drift into sleep, I feel something I’ve never felt before. A closeness that isn’t merely physical. A connection that defies the fact that we’ve only just met. A sensation that can only come from the most euphoric of feelings: belonging.
Excerpt From: David, Levithan. “Every Day.” Random House, Inc., 2012-08-28T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.



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