I adore flowers


Whether it be given to me, just planted in a garden or in display, flowers are absolutely adorable. They’re constant reminders of what’s good in the world, and I thank God for providing us such a beauty.

Some prefer not receiving flowers because they wither,¬†and I hate that reason. “It’s not going to last forever, why give them? It will only last a couple of days, then it will become trash.” Well, it’s not suppose to last forever.But you know what will? The thought of having someone who wants to see you smile, even if he knows it will only be for a little while. The effort he must have gone through, just to make you feel special. Everybody knows life’s going to fuck things up, but at least you tried to make it worth the while. And that for me is the reason why I love flowers, receiving them, giving them or witnessing someone being given. Nothing lasts forever, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get anything good while you’re at it.

PS: Sunflowers are my fave.