The Struggle

I have a problem, I say as I bite my lip.

What’s up man? Spill!

So I started with, I like this guy….

ooooohhhhhh details pls!!!

Rolling my eyes as I say, Chill guys it’s nothing serious. It’s just, he makes me smile a lot, you know? 


Nothing really, I just can’t get enough of him! Like everytime I see him I just want to hug him forever, because in his arms I find peace. Everytime he looks at me, I feel like I want to scream, because guuuurl you’ve got to see those cute little eyes of his! And that smile, omg that caring smile when he sees that I’m uncomfortable or whatever, is the most assuring thing in the world. If I could just kiss him all day, I would, because those lips are amaaziiiing and weirdly addicting. And that little laugh he makes when he bites me, as a sort of apology. Plus I love that he holds my hand all the time. Jeesuus I’ve got to chill, but I’m not like obsessed or anything creepy and all. I don’t know man, he makes me feel good, like every freaking thing in the world stands still when I’m with him. You have no idea what I have to go through to act relaxed, and not like jump him and kiss him or hug him, or whatever… the struggle is insanely real!

Girllll u r hooked! You gotta detach yourself a little tho, you don’t wanna freak him out!

Sighs, I know I know, but how?


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